Гудаури веб-камеры


Kakheti is a historical region in the east of Georgia, just 100 km away from Tbilisi, in the upper reaches of the Alazani and Iori started cultivating grapes and started making wine for the first time!

It was proved that Kakheti is the birthplace of the world winemaking —  a lot of archaeological excavations on the territory of this ancient part of Georgia and radiocarbon analyses of the remnants of winemaking products confirm the incredible 8000 years of history of wine production in Georgia. The  oldest grape seed in the world is also stored here!

Alazani Valley — this divine and the most popular wine of the 20th century is named after the valley in which it has been grown. Alazani Valley in the heart of the Kakheti region is where the whole mystery of Georgian winemaking takes place.

Vineyards are stretched all over the Alazani Valley. Kakhetian wines are known all over the world. About 70 different types of wines are produced here. They include Rkatsiteli, Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Tsinandali, Akhasheni, Twishi, Mtsvane and many other famous Georgian wines. Centuries-old marani (wine cellars) store not only legendary warehouses and wines of the best sorts and years, but also the entire history of Georgian winemaking.

During the excavations in the burial grounds of the Bronze Age there were found jugs with grape seed remnants, winemaking equipment —  stone presses, grape presses, various wine vessels made of clay and metal, dating back to the 6th-5th centuries B.C. 10 km from Telavi there is a large village Tsinandali —  a famous vineyard village of Kakheti, known center of winemaking, where the family estate of Chavchavadze princes is located.

The season when the grapes ripen and the harvesting begins is called Rtveli. Usually this period lasts from the beginning of September to mid-October. But from year to year every winemaker and winegrower knows exactly when to take in precious grapes to get the best wines! This is truly a holiday for the whole of Georgia. Winemakers, their relatives and neighbors, friends and just guests come together in the vineyards, sing and take in the harvest for the future wine.

You will surely remember the obstinate Chelentano from the famous film crushing grapes at his distillery, when you see how in huge Satcnaheli, special containers, the locals crush grapes in good old way using their feet.