Vacation in Georgia

She is bright and temperamental. Her traditions are more than 2,000 years. Her dances and songs recognized as a masterpiece of the cultural heritage of mankind. She is Georgia.

Five reasons to visit Georgia

Those who have already visited Georgia are not looking for more reasons to go there. You can fall in love with Georgia seriously and for a long time!


Unique nature

According to legend, God gave the Georgians paradise land, which he saved for himself. Truly, Georgia has united all natural splendor on its territory: snow-capped mountains and crystal lakes, beautiful forests and fast rivers, a warm sea and the gentle sun. All recreational opportunities are presented here: mountains relaxation, sea relaxation, health-improving resorts (water and mud treatment, thermal springs, aerotherapy).


Generosity and hospitality

There are many legends about georgian hospitality. For georgians every guest is a messenger of God. In what other country of the world will you be invited home, have a generous feast and be left for the night completely free?


Antiquities and shrines

Georgia is a country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Its territories are decorated with magnificent churches and monasteries, ancient towers, fortresses and cave cities. Its song was sent into space as one of the best examples of the musical heritage of the Earth.


National cuisine

Georgia is in the TOP 3 of the “tastiest” countries in the world and is famous for variety of dishes and tastes. This is a true gastronomic gourmet paradise. Food for Georgians is not just a meal. It's a part of the national culture. And the Georgian feast is a whole ritual with toasts, polyphonic singing and incendiary dances.


Winemaking culture

Georgia is the cradle of winemaking. Here, as nowhere else, people know how to "tame" grapes. And every Georgian will agree with the famous “In vino veritas” (“There is truth in wine”). Winemaking is an invariable part of the country culture. Georgian wine is rightfully considered one of the best in the world.

GudauriTours - it's the art of traveling

We will show you Georgia as we love it ourselves: original, rich, generous, warm andfriendly. You will see every region of this unique country at its best. We will fill your vacation in Georgia with unforgettable impressions and emotions.

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